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Chaos … it’s a fact of life – not a fantasy designed to scare you. For example do you remember…

  • The 2005 London suicide bombings which claimed the lives of 52 innocent civilians, injured 700 more and caused mayhem across the capital?
  • The riots that ravaged cities across the UK in 2011?
  • And the crazy weather we had in 2012 – the driest spring for over a century followed by the wettest April to June period on record, causing flash flooding and landslides?

You see, turmoil comes in many forms. It hits you swiftly and mercilessly without warning.

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That’s why your health, safety and comfort require you to prepare now, when everything seems peaceful

… So when looters crash through your window to take your valuables, you’re ready to stop them
… When everyone else is without electricity, you can live comfortably off the grid
… When anyone or anything else threatens you or your family …

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